Ciclissimo! TV

Ciclissimo! TV is actually brought into being via the fertile, creative mind of Adrian Pugh and has its origins in the cult video channel series ‘Bunch Rides’ from a couple of years back. Adrian is a driving force behind a number of philanthropic cycling ventures in the Nottingham locale and was itching to resurrect his fledgling filmic career. Where this is heading is anyone’s guess but it feels right that it steers back toward the original idea for Ciclissimo!; a vehicle for documenting the vibrant East Mids racing and cycling scene whilst enjoying a few larks along the way.

In the first of a who-knows-how-frequent series, Ciclissimo! talks to the brains (caveats apply) behind one of the plethora of new race squads who’ll be scrapping it out on the byways and closed circuits of the region this coming season, Leisure Lakes Bikes Racing