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This collection of writings and interviews has been created on the back of the regular column I used to do for the Nottingham Evening Post, the buzz of seeing my work online on Rouleur and at BMC’s site and inspiration from my late friend Ian Hoggarth, whose blog, Spiral Etape, I contributed to. I was conscious of having some great material that was sitting around that would be too ‘specialist’ for the general readership that The Evening Post aims at; nothing wrong with that, I just wanted somewhere I could escape the word limit to publish as and when I came across something I found of interest and to feature some of the great riders and characters within this wonderful pastime.

As of July 2015 I have also started working with the equally cycling obsessed folk over at Always Riding, with the majority of my latest articles and interviews now appearing on their really rather chic site.

Freelance work happily considered. Job at Gazzetta sought.



Twitter: @LanterneBeB 

Email:  eurissimo@outlook.com