Open House: Grotty Nightclubs And Dropped Trousers With British Eurosport’s Ashley House

Bench Steely Look

I had the pleasure of meeting Ashley House at the Girona Gala last year – in a room full of small-talk, always heading for the guy you know has the best pastel-chino collection and a recently bought drink in his hand is a rule to live by and, yet again, it did not let me down. House is funny, House is ready to jump into an adlib role in a ruse at the drop of a hat, House is a regular guy who travels a lot for his work. He and I had a chat about life in the epicentre of the Grand Tour press pack as he packed his case for the chaos of the 2018 Tour de France. You can read it in full over at Always Riding here, right now. Visual character studies by Andrew Greenstreet


“What we tend to do is keep all of the car windows open and blast out very loud techno so everyone knows we’re coming. Of course, the problem with that is because the fans are drunk as hell they start chucking stuff in through the windows – water bottles, beer, all sorts – as we’re trying to drive up! At least one Eurosport car has even had somebody piss through the windows!”


“I told the head of production at British Eurosport at the time that my uncle had been a mechanic on the 1971 Tour de France and that my grandfather had actually ridden the tour in the 50’s! All a complete pack of lies – I’d never watched a cycle race in my entire life!”

Champagne shuffle

“He just stopped at the roadside and just started puking, his effort was so enormous that day. He just turned to me and I said “Look, it’s fine, not today” even though I’d run about two and a half kilometres for a word. Days like that are just as important for me. Hopefully next time he’ll know I’m not an arse…”