Mr Dan Fleeman On Racing, Escaping & The Art Of Tranquillo


I sat down with Metaltek-Kuota’s Dan Fleeman on the eve of the 2017 edition of the Rutland-Melton CiCLE Classic. The late afternoon spring sunshine, streaming through the wooden blinds, created pleasingly bold contrasts of shadow and light across the rustic charm of the bar at team hotel, the Whipper In, in bustling, little Oakham. Dan is a man very comfortable in his own skin and exudes that easy fluidity of movement of the well-trained. The next day he went and won the thing – never again will I pass up the chance of placing a fiver on a rider who has just told me he’s worth having a flutter on! We spoke about a career and characters that have spanned the four corners of the globe and all levels of racing – y’know, the usual stuff: prize money collected at machine-gun point and fifth-floor window escape plots to avoid getting stiffed for CHF45,000 hospital bills…

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CiCLE Classic 2017

“…there are two guys standing guard on the door with machine guns. You then have to walk up to this table were a panel of the organisers are sat and you tell them what you believe you are owed. So, Dan tells them: Fifty two thousand and something or other dollars. The head guy just nods “OK!” and reaches into a bag and pulls out the cash and just hands it to him! I said you should have added on another couple of grand but he was under the impression if you lied they’d have shot you!” – on collecting race winnings at the Tour of Quinghai Lake


“Just being calm. All those years we’ve just spoken about, 2007, 2008, 2009, it was all just a bit of a blur and I didn’t really take anything in – I was manic. But someone like Roger Hammond- always laid back; never stressed. Carlos Sastre – never stressed – Ever. That’s the way to be…” – on his number one piece of advice, gleaned from years of racing, to young riders

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Photo credits: AP Sports Photo and Andrew Greenstreet Photography