Definitely Happy: Toms Skujiņš On A Life Argyle


“I actually didn’t watch much cycling when I started: I got into it just for the love of riding a bike, so never really had guys I’ve dreamt of being like – which is kinda good, if you know what I mean…”

I caught up with Cannondale Drapac Pro Cycling Team’s Toms Skujiņš  to talk about his career to date and the upward trajectory that has just seen him lower the curtain on a solid WorldTour debut season. Click Here for the full article over at Always Riding

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La Pomme Marseilles, 2011/ 2012: “It was a more of a sink or swim philosophy. And I did both. I had good results in the first year and then a pretty bad second year, so they let me go. Which was really good for me. I was too young for it and racing UCI .1 level races every weekend when you’re 19/20 is super hard”


Hincapie Sportswear Development Team, 2014/ 2015: “As for ATOC it just showed the world how good Team Hincapie is. It wasn’t just my win, the whole team won with the way they defended my lead the next days and as soon as it came back to me to defend it -in the ITT – I lost it… which was a bummer and I felt real bad about it after the way guys rode for me the previous days…”


Cannondale Drapac Pro Cycling Team, 2016 – : “I saw all the directors and they told me what races I’d be doing then it kind of hit me and I thought I was dreaming”


“From Riggo I learnt that eating bananas is key in doing well in Grand Tours”

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“I can, and have been, winning races where you need some panache, guts and a brain, not just legs”

“I could smell beer on people’s breath while riding up the Kwaremont the final time. The faster you ride the cobbles the better, it’s like a band-aid: You just need to get over it quick. So as you get more fatigued the climbs hurt more and more…”


“That hunger for the win, that feeling when everything goes fast and smooth like a well-oiled fat dude down the water slide!”


Photo Credits: Laura Fletcher/ Cassette Media