The Tickler – TCOD ‘Zine


I did  a couple of bits for a new ‘zine on the market that was launched at Look Mum, No Hands in August ’16. One was an article pulled from an email I sent in conversation to Steve Hockett, the main mover over at The Coefficient of Drag, the ‘zine in question, about a chance encounter with Daniel Teklahaimanot. That was fun and so is the ‘zine


The Tickler: Yes. Geez, he’s always floating around town. He’s so F’in tall you would not believe. And a nice guy…He was just back from Dauphine and called by Chrono-bikes as I was in the back of the shop getting my bike and getting my shoes etc. Pala, the Padrone of Chrono, calls through to me “Hey, Tim, Come and meet my friend Daniel”, so I walk back through and DT is there, just hanging out at the shop and we say ‘Hi!’ and shake hands and he gets the due complimenti on his KoM jersey from the race which he smiles about – “It’s so hard, the race is so, so hard..”

He tells me he’s off to have a couple weeks rest from racing before the Tour and is off to catch a train the next day to get back home.


“Always like this on the bike…” Pala twists his torso around to mimic a mis-aligned position “One leg it is shorter than the other – so always this way on the bike, not straight”


The next day we’re sat across the street from the shop at a cafe with post-ride espressi. The Tickler flashes past on his team issue, yellow Qhubeka Buffalo Bike (all the Lucca  guys on the Team Dimension Data for Qhubeka squad nip around town on them to fetch the milk etc), carrier bag in one dangling hand and more luggage strapped to the cargo rack above the back wheel. Pedaling this all terrain, bomb-proof thing in and out of the crowds like it was 6kg of race-tuned, carbon-fibre exotica. First leg of his journey: Off to the train station. Off home…

Photo credits: Pala d’Chrono & Ciclissimo!