Two Gentlemen of Girona: Nathan Haas & Chris Williams Stalking The Shadows Of The Barri Vell


“…there are plenty of places to hide away if you don’t want to be seen. I know how to walk the shadows… but one of the main things is that everyone realises it’s nothing personal if they see some friends out having dinner together and they weren’t invited. If we invited all our friends to every dinner, it would be a massive blow out every night!” Nathan P Haas


Photo Credits: Laura Fletcher, Cassette Media; Nathan Shots & the lovely sun setting over the walls of the Barri Vell/ Kim Daebong courtesy of Team Novo Nordisk; Chris Williams/ Ciclissimo!; others.


Hidden Girona, the Pro’s eye view was the mission from Always Riding. I had the pleasure of a travel guide in the shape of Team Dimension Data for Qhubeka’s Nathan Haas to provide the inside line in advance for our whistle-stop visit. When it became known that Nathan was to head off to find his fortune at the Vuelta e Espana, Team Novo Nordisk’s Chris Williams stepped in as route-meister deluxe before also heading off himself to race at the Tour Des Fjords in Norway. Read the full article here


“Go to the Haribo factory outlet store? No? You must stay up late one night to catch the live music at Lola Bar” Nathan P Haas



“We have a term there called “Getting Spained”. It refers to things such as when an apartment key breaks inside a lock of one of the old buildings to misadventures at the post office, or like, mistakenly ordering uncooked meat…” Nathan P Haas

After meeting Chris for coffee & croissants at La Fabrica we set off through the winding cobbled alleyways of the Barri Vell, or Old Quarter, across the river to the newer town on eerily quiet streets and quickly emerged into open farmland.

©Kim Daebong_160608071323_DSC9559

Gently rolling roads swept us through sleepy villages as church bells chimed flatly out across the freshly harvested arable land. A meandering 3km climb temporarily thinned the conversation out before a wide, sweeping 10km descent delivered us to the edge of the azure sea and sand at Tossa del Mar…14233625_1287262167980760_1038317658_o

“…Part of me envies those who get to be professional cyclists and live in their home towns, but the larger part of me knows that this is a much more enriching experience. What I will take from my time as a cyclist goes well beyond results on paper. I love this life…” Nathan P Haas