The Turkeys of Sant Aniol: End Of The Road.


Monday – Take the road straight out of Girona, keep on going until it runs out, cafe stop, then turn around. 25km each way, we’d be done within the hour. That’s what the guy in the bike shop had told Lanterne, anyway.

On the way out it was arguable as to which we passed more regularly: the kilometre posts or the pros coming in the other direction. “That was Matt Brammeier and Nikki Harris, not sure who the Lotto rider was though” said Tessa casually, already an expert at identifying 55kph blurs.

OfficialNT plus Turkeys

Once we got to the ambiguous “end of the road” (“I think we can go up this 25% gravel path, if you like”) we awkwardly turned around and rolled back through the “village” (a very small collection of seemingly abandoned farm buildings). I noticed a small driveway that I hadn’t seen on the way up, with three smart plastic geese at the entrance. The geese moved and I realised they were real. They waddled towards a scattering of mismatched ancient garden furniture, behind a rather rusty trampoline. My eyes widened as I saw a random selection of poultry. For some reason we had just ridden onto a random . . . farm?
Lanterne’s attempts to determine whether or not this was a cafe or just a movie set from a horror film resulted in a woman disappearing inside, returning with an apron (to keep up the “professional” look that this place had going on). Three Coca Colas appeared, three smartly matching ice-filled glasses, three thoroughly confused cyclists. Trying to pay was another challenge, Lanterne eventually managing to force a wheelbarrow-wielding passerby to accept money. Not sure if he was actually connected to the “business”, but since he insisted that the bill for three identical drinks was €4 then I really hope he wasn’t in charge of their accounts.


The ride back seemed easier somehow, the road looked the same but somehow everything was different . . . I gotta say it was a good day.

If you find yourself in Girona and in need of similar farmyard/ wildfoul adventure, check in with Dave & Saskia at the Girona Cycle Centre

Words – Nathan Thomas

Photo Credits: Tessa Langley & Lanterne Blanc et Bleu