Married To The World Tour: The Ladies Of Lucca Spill The Beans


UGH_7337-Liz Hatch, Brooke Gillott and Kerri Mowat all have other halves who race for three of the most powerful World Tour outfits of recent years: Team Sky’s Andy Fenn, Dimension Data for Qhubeka’s Nic Dougall and Tinkoff’s Jay McCarthy. Ex-pro Liz settled in Italy after calling time on her racing career. Brooke and Kerri left jobs and university Degrees behind, packed a suitcase and followed their sweethearts to the other side of the world to chase a dream. There are many great accounts of racers’ lives chasing this dream. On behalf of Always Riding, and in the interests of balance, I went in search of the female perspective. And for the gossip, naturally…


“When Jay won his stage in the Tour Down Under I was there and it was so cool!… to be there on the finish line when he actually won – he just looked up as he crossed the line and there I was, it couldn’t have worked out any better! But then, the commentator on the speakers said it was someone else who’d won, not Jay! It was so awful – I saw Jay, I just looked at him and thought “Oh no – it’s so embarrassing! Oh poor thing…” – he’d saluted the crowd and everything. But he just looked right at me and he was like “Kerri, I won – I know I won!”

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“I don’t remember personally, but I’ve been told stories of me being three years old and screaming “Cipo, Cipo, Cipo!” at the TV – which is hilarious now as I see him riding through town with no shirt on all the time!”


And, one day, I may publish the X-Rated version with tales of very publicly amorous neighbours complete with collapsing headboards, getting more than you perhaps bargained for over your morning espresso and bottles of cold water being tipped from balconies to quell the passion on the church steps in the deserted, early morning streets of Lucca…


Grazie to Nicola Ughi for the wonderful images as always!