“I’m Not An Apologist”- Conversation Over Aperols With Liz Hatch


“…Liz still effortlessly exudes that edgy chicness. I sit opposite Liz in a typically enchanting hidden Lucchese piazza. She takes a deep breath, eyeing the voice recorder: “Well – I never thought I’d be sitting down to do one of these again…”. The sharp features break into a smile and her laughter dances around Bar Baccanale’s intimate interior. We decide it’s Aperol Spritz o’clock…”

Liz Hatch shoots straight. Very Straight. She is a charming and fun person to talk to. There are a lot of self-declared experts out there on internet forums when it comes to Liz Hatch and whoever else it is they believe they are an expert on on any given day. Whatever. Full interview now online over at Always Riding.


“…here sometimes with the drivers, they can be a little crazy… I think that maybe, subconsciously, with the Catholicism, they believe they’re already saved so ‘whatever happens, it’s gonna happen!”


“I’m frustrated in as much as I see so many women – and know so many – that accept riding professionally for zero money. I think it’s insulting to them. I mean, how can you call yourself a ‘professional’? I’m in no way taking away from their talents, I’m saying to them “Why are you willing to write on your Twitter or your Facebook that you’re a professional cyclist and you’re not being paid!?”




“…Actually, when you develop a thick enough skin it is kinda funny to read all the brouhaha that goes on in the comments section… I just picture these angry, white, middle-aged men! Strange…”


Special thanks to Bar Baccanale on Lucca’s Via Sant’Andrea. If you’re ever in town, look them up – Grazia & Walter will keep the vino flowing…

Photo Credits: Nicola Ughi