Racing Capt. Ryan

Perry w Chris

“…I like winning. Time trials: Hardest Bloke Wins. What I don’t like so much is that time trialling is becoming a bit of a ‘race of resources’. You see all the aero kit these days. I like sports were the guy who punches hardest, wins…”

Perry race 1 Brian Hall

I’ve had the pleasure of meeting some very good cyclists, from all levels of the sport: World Tour to the local crit circuit. I walked back to my car after having the opportunity to sit down for a one to one with National 25TT Champion and National Time Trial Championship podium placer Capt. Ryan Perry trying to remember if I’d ever spoken to a more driven and win focused rider.

Perry Shawn Ryan 1

I’m not sure I have. He’s a very affable guy indeed, don’t get me wrong – it’s just that this phenomenally fast British Army Officer is not here to mess about when it comes to racing.

Capt. Perry Race II Brian Hall

Full interview now online at the Always Riding site.

Workshop Perry

“There is always banter in the Army, regardless of what it is – It’s ruthless! So, of course, nobody is getting away with shaven legs! But, I’m an A-grade piss-taker myself so they get as good as they give!”

Ryan Perry II Shawn Ryan

Photo Credit: Shawn Ryan Photography & Brian Hall