“Pauleke: Je Moet Uit Mijn Schuiven Blijven!” Riding In The Shimano Neutral Service Car At 3 Daagse De Panne-Koksijde


I only briefly allude to my angst regarding toilet stops in the full article here on the Always Riding website: The initial first draft contained about 3 full paragraphs devoted to the subject, such was my fear. I drank nothing all morning, save one single espresso, before getting into the car for the 5 hour schlep from Zottegem to the coast; I was still convinced I would be crying with desperation within the first 30km and the car unable to stop. I mean, render the race, charging across Flanders, without mechanical assistance at a crucial point just because I needed to pee? I couldn’t see it happening. The bottle of team-sponsor friendly mineral water I was passed as I strapped the seatbelt on remained un-opened and stashed firmly out of sight lest it bring on uncontrollable water-based urges…


I shouldn’t have worried: We pulled over for a pee break twice en-route, during which I could barely go, so dehydrated and fearful was I!


But that was not the most important lesson I learned that day. Oh no. What, I learned in those 5 hours of confined working conditions, you should never – NEVER – ever do is look in Paul van Hyfte’s bottom drawers…


Click for an account of a fun, insightful day travelling in the race convoy with two great guys from Shimano’s neutral service corps at the 2016 3 Daagse De Panne-Koksijde.



Photo Credit: Pieter Van Hoorebeke and Ciclissimo!

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