Roubaix. By Those Who Were There.


DSC_0624I am not going to write anything about the race. There is nothing to add. It was one of the best: A true classic. End of. What I will do is place a link here, one which I urge you to click on even if you don’t normally  do ‘click-through’ from this sort of stuff. It will take you to the ever superb Peloton Brief website. It is an account of the race from the inside, from the 2014 edition, written by Cannondale’s Alan Marangoni. Reading it sealed my decision to post here about the race. It is that you need to read, the snapshots from Arenberg & Carrefourde l’Arbe from a foot soldier’s day that have etched themselves into his memory, not me. The pictures are from my friend, Joyce Jason Ghijs. He was there, at Carrefour de l’Abre, on the 10th April 2016 and captured fleeting moments from his day with his camera as the carnage sped by…

“…I realize that one of the Bretagne riders in our group has a bleeding left hand. His face shows suffering and it seems he may be crying. I ask him what happened. When he shows me his fingers I nearly puke. The tips are butchered as if they’d been through a blender…”










Massive thanks to both The Peloton Brief & JJ Ghijs for being cool enough to let me tap into their labours of love for this, my own.