Break Out The Jupiler- It’s Ronde Daag!

Cycling: Tour of Flanders

“…a father-in-law who, looking down on the neat little villages of Flanders via the race helicopter’s TV eye, was apoplectic at spotting his new son-in-law out on his sit-upon mower cutting the lawn as the race charged through the countryside: “You DO NOT cut your grass on Ronde Van Vlaanderen day!” He screamed at the images, incandescent with rage at the fate that had befallen his daughter on his watch…”

Cycling: Tour of Flanders

I’m not one to break with tradition; especially not when the wonderful Flemish welcome you into their hearts and homes- and bars- on one of the biggest celebrations of the year. Beer and bike racing? Ok- load me up! I’m in! Though I still haven’t worked out that time a couple of friends and me were the only ones cheering for that Flemish lad Greg in the face of yet another Swiss onslaught in packed Oudenaarde bar in 2014…

Pic: Matt Waterfield

Cycling: Tour of Flanders

Peter Van Hoorebeke, Andrew Peat and I hit the roadsides parties for Always Riding to try and capture a slice of the fun from the 100th edition of Vlaanderen’s Mooiste- enjoy these images of the day and check out the full article here





Now then, can we finally have an end to all that ‘Sagan is a bit crap at bike racing’ rubbish?… 😉