Handmade Heritage: Carradice – Ethos Of The Artisan


Carradice of Nelson

‘…An old, dyed-in-the-wool Clubman who came to see David at the workshop with a threadbare saddle bag… asked if it could be restored to its former glory. David, unsure it was worth it – not to mention his reservations about being able to “work succesfully with thin air”- was happy to strike favourable deal for a newer model in recognition of the old hands’ brand-loyalty.

”I’m not interested in a new one!” the visitor exclaimed “This bag belonged to Beryl Burton!” ‘


A new article I had the pleasure of being involved in, after a chat I had with Pete Harrington over at Always Riding, about the wealth of great little artisan cycling companies we are blessed with here in the UK. We decided to explore the stories and heritage behind these worthy of celebration, buckers of the modern world’s corporate domination trend in an occasional series.

Carradice of Nelson

First up, Carradice: Makers of highly durable and beautifully crafted cycling saddlebags, panniers, satchels, courier bags- the list goes on. Founded by cotton mill worker and keen cyclo-tourer Wilf Carradice in the 1930s, the ethoi of artisan quality and timeless style are still as tightly woven into the fabric of the company as the waterproof waxed Cotton Duck (Carradice’s trademark material of choice) itself is. Check out the full Carradice article here

Carradice of Nelson

Photo Credits: Andrew Greenstreet Photography

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