This is Luc. He’s a family friend of the Devenyns. He’d made his way to the quiet meadow lane that leads onto the Oude Kwaremont, just down the road from his home, when my friend, Pieter, came upon him on the morning of Kuurne-Brussels-Kuurne.

I always eye the rickety barbed wire fence that sways rustily along at the side of the single slab farm track whenever I ride past this spot; all those guys, full gas – fighting like crazy for position before the cobbles start & the lane pitches up- and that rusty barbed wire fence…


Pieter was on his way to the bar half way up the Oude Kwaremont to find some nice shots from the day: The bar is alive with character and cheer on race day. But it was only the two of them on the lane through the meadow at that time in the morning, so Pieter stopped to say good morning and share a word. Dries Devenyns would be racing through here in a couple of hours time and Luc wanted to greet him with a message of support on his way to the foot of the climb. Luc is fond of the lad, proud of him.

LC1I don’t know if Luc has ever been to Marseilles. Dries won his first race since 2009 there in February. It’s a nice race to win, the European season curtain call. Maybe Luc has been, I don’t know- perhaps he hasn’t and never will. Dries races on these roads too, pretty much outside Luc’s front door, and that’s good enough for Luc. He knows these lanes: Has seen races run through them all of his life. That’s fine for Luc. He’ll carry on with preparing the road for when Dries comes by. Same as he does each year.


Images courtesy of Pieter Van Hoorebeke