A Classic Love Affair – The Past, Present & Future with Colin Clews

Cycling: Colin ClewsColin Clews, UCI International Commissaire and organiser of the Rutland-Melton Cicle Classic, is pictured at Wymondham, Melton Mowbray, UK, on 13 Feb 2016 (All Pics- AP Sports Photography)

” I love the race because it is so unpredictable. We’re back to the Paris-Roubaix or Flanders thing again: Unpredictable. You can have all the form in the world, but you miss out on getting across a small gap or you puncture at a strategic time and the whole thing has gone. Malcolm Elliot used to say it was his favourite race, because you always had to ride at the front, you couldn’t allow somebody to go up the road- you had to be at the front controlling everything, because if you didn’t, you were going to miss the move…”

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“Hugh Porter, our commentator, I remember taking him out the first year to Somerberg and him looking at it and saying “Colin- I would have F’in loved this! Loved it! Over these roads, around these corners” – and to hear him swear is a very, very infrequent thing! Hugh tells me “I feel every pedal stroke I see these guys doing- and I think “what could have I done on this course?””. That’s lovely to hear from somebody like Hugh who’s ‘been there, done that, got the tee-shirt’, a rainbow ‘tee shirt’ at that! It’s nice to work with people like that, so passionate”

Cycling: Colin Clews

The full candid, heartfelt and fun interview is over at Always Riding right now. It was a true pleasure to spend a couple of hours with a man who exudes the sort of passion for this sport- at every level- which makes cycling so special. Grab a coffee and click: http://www.alwaysriding.co.uk/features/past-present-future-colin-clews/