On The Trail Of Eddy Merckx

Retro Drilled Merckx Ride

“There is a reason why I am standing in a small, tidy square in the quiet Brussels suburb of Woluwe St Pierre. Why my eyes keep turning toward a garage door which belongs to a building that was once a grocery store; The little square’s bustle has been replaced by a tranquil and well-groomed suburban calm. But, as with many of cycling’s most history laden back-lanes and citadels, the air is still charged with legend…”

New article over at the Always Riding website on a quite extraordinary day in the leafy suburbs of Brussels on the trail of a living legend; http://www.alwaysriding.com/features/on-the-trail-of-eddy-merckx/

Eddy and Me

All images Pieter Van Hoorebeke