Hour-Man Matthias Brändle And The Guiding Hand Of Herr Pauger

“..He enjoys the occasional glass of good wine or a tasty meal and doesn’t count the calories. But when it matters he gets to the startline at his fighting weight!”

Braendle ++bergibt Christian Pauger das original Tour de France Teilnehmertrikot mit seiner Startnummer_Credit_Privat
Mentor Christian Pauger & Voll-Gas Powerhouse Matthias Brändle show off the latest addition to the Brändle display in Herr Pauger’s Pro-Cyle Shop, Bregenz. Photo Credit; AKP Media

Head over to the Always Riding features pages to check out the interview I had the pleasure of conducting recently with IAM Cycling’s Matthias Brändle and his wise old mentor, Christian Pauger, from the heart of beautiful Austria’s Vorarlberg Region.


Special mentions must go out to Ciclissimo!‘s Europakorrespondent Nathan Thomas for his work in arranging this article and Tessa Langley for yet more excellent translation services. Tak!