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ToB Luke
(Pic; Luke Pritchett)

Overall 2015 Aviva Tour of Britain champion, Edvald Boasson Hagen, sealed his victory in the final 2km of stage 6 into Nottingham with a canny, aggressive defence of his leader’s jersey against a Team Sky that seemed to have left their fight on the nightstand when it came down to the sharp end. Hagen left the men in black scratching their heads in his wake as he bridged across to a flying Matteo Trentin on Gregory Boulevard before the slight rise and right turn into Nottingham’s Forest Recreation Ground. Watching events played back on TV that evening, I wondered if I saw a murmer of collusion between the pair; Edwald needed precious seconds, Matteo was bent on taking the stage’s scalp after a blistering solo attack from a small group of escapees on the outskirts of the city. Afterall, it wouldn’t be the first time a convenient entente was agreed in the final crucial metres of a race.. But upon seeing this picture, taken by a friend at the 100m marker, the question was well and truly settled: There was no gift wrapping around Trentin’s victory on this day!

Of the moment the shutter fired, lensman Luke Pritchett had this to say; “The camera is a Olympus OM1 fully manual/mechanical SLR using Fuji Superia 400 35mm film. It terms of set up, not sure, I’d had a couple of beers already..”

The dust settles.. Etixx -Quick-Step’s Matteo Trentin seconds after his hard fought victory in the 2015 Aviva Tour of Britain (Pic; Andrew Peat- AP Sports Photography)

Fuelling The Team Novo Nordisk Machine

Credit VeloImages
(Pic; VeloImages courtesy of Team Novo Nordisk)
The plan in Chez Ciclissimo! for the 2015 Aviva Tour of Britain was to put the feet up and enjoy the punchy racing on familiar roads with a selection of anti-pasti and a prosecco after a busy summer of journo-ing. But, of course, that went out of the window when race fever truly hit a couple of days beforehand! I contacted Team Novo Nordisk’s eternally ‘Can-Do’ Press Officer, Fitzalan Crowe, and before I knew it I had daily access to the squad from the heart of the race. The stage by stage inside-line is available over at the Always Riding site if you click here.
I am also pleased to be able to bring you the below conversation with Matt Vogel, VP of Marketing and Medical Affairs at Team Novo Nordisk. I freely admit I was no expert as far as how the all-diabetes squad approached racing whilst managing the condition; Matt happily provided some great insight into the finer detail. The team’s mission is to inspire, educate and empower people affected by diabetes- hopefully this article will contribute to that mission- so do feel free to drop the team a line if you would like more information;
Credit Team Novo Nordisk II
(Pic; Team Novo Nordisk)
Ciclissimo! What are the key pointers that the riders look to manage in their diet?
Matt Vogel Like other endurance athletes, Team Novo Nordisk riders need a nutritious, well-balanced diet. What the riders eat varies for each individual, and also for the intensity, type and amount of exercise. Before a race, they typically eat a high carbohydrate breakfast made up of complex grains and a small portion of protein. During a race, riders will consume solid food, energy bars, fruit bars, gels, energy chews and electrolyte drinks. After the race, they will drink a high carbohydrate drink, followed by a meal with carbohydrates and extra protein to help replenish their muscles.
Credit Angus Sung
(Pic; Angus Sung courtesy of Team Novo Nordisk)
C! What are the key do’s and don’ts that the riders try to follow to ensure they can enjoy an active lifestyle while racing with diabetes. 

MV All athletes have to carefully manage their health and be in top physical condition. Our athletes are no different in that regard. What is different for our riders is their bodies cannot make any insulin, the hormone that controls blood sugar. For optimal performance, they have keep their blood sugar in a target range. So they closely monitor their blood sugar before, during and after the race, using a continuous glucose monitor and glucose meter.

(Pic; Andrew Peat AP Sports Photo)
If their blood sugar is above target, they make take medication. If their blood sugar is below target, they may eat or drink something. It’s a continual balancing act that requires constant attention. Since everyone is different, our riders work closely with the medical team to find the regimen that works for each individual.
C! Are there any signs that the riders need to be aware of in relation to training hard and negative impact on the body/diabetes related?
MV Changes of pace while on the bike, like sprints and hill climbs, can mean changes to the way the Team Novo Nordisk riders manage their diabetes. So our riders must pay close attention to their blood sugar levels in these scenarios and make the necessary adjustments, all while working with the medical team.
Credit Team Novo Nordisk
(Pic; Team Novo Nordisk)

Inside The Aviva Tour Of Britain Peloton With Team Novo Nordisk

Ciclissimo! & Always Riding are pleased to bring to you a behind the scenes – front row seat at this year’s Aviva Tour Of Britain with Team Novo Nordisk. Follow the fortunes of 21 year old Puncheur Charles Planet right here as the race twists & turns through the break enticing terrain of the UK.

Charles will be giving us the lowdown after each day from the heart of the ToB peloton.

Sun 13th Sept, St8, 86.8km; London Criterium

Heartbreak & Guts in the Capital; Charles Planet signs off in the thick of the fight.

(Photo credit; Andrew Peat, AP Sports Photo)

Fri 11th Sept- St6, 192.7km; Stoke-on-Trent – Nottingham & Sat 12th Sept St7, 227.1km Fakenham – Ipswich 

(Photo- Andrew Peat, AP Sports Photo)

Wed 9th Sept- St4, 217.4km; Edinburgh – Blyth & Thurs 10th Sept- St5: Prudhoe – Hartside Fell 166.4km

hill CP
(Pic credit; Andrew Peat, AP Sports Photo)

A Racer. Racing his heart out.. in a hard place

Tues 8th Sept- St3, 216km; Cockermouth – Floors Castle, Kelso.

(Photo Credit; Andrew Peat, AP Sports Photo)

Msr Planet shakes off the empty legs of Stage 2 and gets his head back in the fight! Forza TNN!!

Mon 7th Sept-St 2, 159.3km; Clitheroe – Colne.

(Photo; Andy Peat, AP Sports Photo)
(Photo; Andy Peat, AP Sports Photo)

Charles and team DS, Pavel Cherkasov give us reaction to the highs and lows of the day..”This is one of those races where you never get to relax..”

Sun 6th Sept- St 1, 177.7km; Angelsey – Wrexham.

(Photo; AP Sports Photo)
(Photo; Andrew Peat, AP Sports Photo)

Good Legs, Good Nutrition.. Charles and the squad kick off the 2015 Aviva Tour of Britain in North Wales.

Sat 5th Sept: We caught up with Charles just before he headed onto the stage at the team presentation this evening in Anglesey.

(Photo credit; Andrew Peat, AP Sports Photo)
(Photo credit; Andrew Peat, AP Sports Photo)

Hour-Man Matthias Brändle And The Guiding Hand Of Herr Pauger

“..He enjoys the occasional glass of good wine or a tasty meal and doesn’t count the calories. But when it matters he gets to the startline at his fighting weight!”

Braendle ++bergibt Christian Pauger das original Tour de France Teilnehmertrikot mit seiner Startnummer_Credit_Privat
Mentor Christian Pauger & Voll-Gas Powerhouse Matthias Brändle show off the latest addition to the Brändle display in Herr Pauger’s Pro-Cyle Shop, Bregenz. Photo Credit; AKP Media

Head over to the Always Riding features pages to check out the interview I had the pleasure of conducting recently with IAM Cycling’s Matthias Brändle and his wise old mentor, Christian Pauger, from the heart of beautiful Austria’s Vorarlberg Region.

Special mentions must go out to Ciclissimo!‘s Europakorrespondent Nathan Thomas for his work in arranging this article and Tessa Langley for yet more excellent translation services. Tak!