Il Re Del Cappuccino- Cafe Stop of Legends

Tess, Jay, Ben, Joe, Tim Lindley at Bar GalliganiCiao! Really pleased to start working on some articles with the good folk over at Always Riding and publish my first piece for them over at their site. Check out a recounting of a day spent riding in what amounted to a World Tour breakaway in search of the world’s finest cappu at the bar that has seen generations of legends, champions and various miscreants of the pro peloton swing by for a mid-ride helping of froth from Snr Umberto Galligani.. And this beautiful short film about Snr Gallgani is really worth a watch, heartwarming stuff; High Praise

A post script to this piece; Sadly I have just received the news that Snr Umberto Galligani has recently passed away. My thoughts to his friends and family at this very sad time.

-Tim Bladon, 5th August 2015

Umberto & Pantani