Lucchese Days; Always Riding Feature

Jerry Shere Blue Street Bike in Lucca
Photo; Jerry Shere

“.. I didn’t know that hazard was coming up as I’d taken my earpiece out- the DS was babbling on in Italian and by that point in the race I needed 100% of my energy to be sent to the legs rather than spent on translating!”

pros phones

Extract from a new piece I have just written and had published on the Always Riding site that the Lucca Ufficio Della Turismo owe me a beer for. Full article here. Big thanks to the Scranton PA boys, Santa Fe’s finest, Joep with the very accomplished beard, Chrono Bikes’ Pala & Cri, Saxo Jay and BMC Joe for a beautiful day out..

Church detail III Church detail


Front & Centre, Soldier! The 1st Lt is Laying it Down..

1st Lt Robin Nathanson writes in dispatches;

The 1st Lt

“When people say someone upgraded too fast, I don’t think the problem is inherently within the speed that they upgraded, but their mindset when they do run face-first into the difficulty curve. Wherever that may come (3 > 2, 2 > 1, 1 > P), it seems like the best course of action is to just race as absolutely much as possible, in quality fields, and never stop trying to learn from other, better riders’ actions and advice. For example some of the things I’ve learned over the years: when races are so fast that you learn how to go across gaps without pedaling, being able to know what the move of the day will look like before you miss it, knowing when to surf and when to be that bull in the china shop, realizing it’s very little to do with FTP and mostly all to do with positioning.

So when people whine and moan about hitting that ceiling of “never getting better” because their results don’t reflect what they were when they were a lower category; Man, who cares? That day when you finally dial in your gut instincts to do all the right things and make that right selection… even if you don’t win it still feels better”


Il Re Del Cappuccino- Cafe Stop of Legends

Tess, Jay, Ben, Joe, Tim Lindley at Bar GalliganiCiao! Really pleased to start working on some articles with the good folk over at Always Riding and publish my first piece for them over at their site. Check out a recounting of a day spent riding in what amounted to a World Tour breakaway in search of the world’s finest cappu at the bar that has seen generations of legends, champions and various miscreants of the pro peloton swing by for a mid-ride helping of froth from Snr Umberto Galligani.. And this beautiful short film about Snr Gallgani is really worth a watch, heartwarming stuff; High Praise

A post script to this piece; Sadly I have just received the news that Snr Umberto Galligani has recently passed away. My thoughts to his friends and family at this very sad time.

-Tim Bladon, 5th August 2015

Umberto & Pantani